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MCH Grupo Inmobiliario is dynamic and innovating company that takes special care on the social impact that every one of our activities and developments could have, the respect to our company values and principles, and our profound commitment to our clients as we would like to focus our efforts primarily in providing them with a superior quality of life in every one of our projects. We achieve this goal throughout a serious, efficient and transparent line of work, as well as an appropriate management of our resources.

We count with a group of workers and professionals completely compromised with our principles and our philosophy, as well as the unconditional service and respect to our clients. We also count with an adequate infrastructure that allows us to perform our work the most efficient manner. With this emergent philosophy we have created a solid company that venture for the development of our country.

Mision y Vision
Provide our clients with a superior quality of life, offering a real estate product that vastly exceeds their expectations with regards to architectural design, quality of materials, and every other aspect of our product.

Become a leading real estate company within our county. Become also a dynamic and innovating company, which main pillars are our honesty, our respect to our clients and the quality of our real estate product.
This value constitutes the essence of our relationship with our clients and partners.

We are committed to our country, to our clients and to our partners, to whom we offer the greatest opportunities for development and realization.

Every aspect of our work is governed by our ethic code, which allows us to work with transparency, integrity and honesty.

We constantly expand our innovating capacity creating opportunities and business viability oriented to offer and satisfy the needs of our clients.

We promote the most optimum administration of our resources and the continuous improvement of our processes to transform them into benefits to our clients
Our Team
Michael Chamorro
Chief Executive Officer

Cinthia Gutierrez
Administrative Assistant

Angie Agreda

Magally Villasis
Sales executive

Yanet Navarro
Sales executive
Augusto Nomberto

Pilar Alva
Accounting assistant

Anthony Maurtua
Accounting assistant

Javier Ocampos
Legal Assistant

Vanessa Rodriguez
Legal Assistant
Alejandro Bazan

Judith Plasencia

Jhony Paredes

Mario Zevallos

Faber Alván

Augusto Carranza